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Sunday, October 02, 2005
episode 002: Unicorn

How Rainbows are made. Music by Kevin Barnes.

i'm trying out a new compression, h.264... so if it doesnt work for you guys let me know. if you have the latest version of quicktime or itunes it should work.
I'm just getting the audio, and an error message for this one.
Oops. I should've let you know....I love what you're doing! It's a little ridiculous and silly, but it's makes me smile. Can't ask for more than that.

Keep them coming!



ps. i imagine that you aren't getting many comments because the sign up to post is RETARDED. Thankfully I can watch the rainbows over and over and over...ahhhhhhh
Very cool stuff! Short and sweet
I love the video a lot! Exactly what unicorns are all about. I do have to convert the .mov to .m4v for my iPod tho :(
Keep up the great work! So good!
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