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Wednesday, January 04, 2006
episode 006 : Wraith Pinned to the Mist

Here's the music video we made for our friends, of montreal!

this was the first thing we ever did! guess what, it's nominated for best video of the year at the plug independant music awards! go to their site and vote for us! We have had some bandwidth issues. i appologize. also from now on the format of the podcast is specifically for the ipod and itunes. Enjoy
wow! i was really blown away from the quality of your work! and especially this animation's!
Great stuf. I would like to show your video to a small crowd of 60 people who visit the open podium in a small town near Amsterdam in Holland. During the break we always play a short video. This time I would love to show your beautiful music-video.
hi guys
great video - and - what is the name of your friend's group? their sound is fantastic!!!
yeah who's the band? i wouldnt mind pickin up their cd.
oh wow, ok im retarded... the band IS "of montreal".
This is an outstanding work!
We have an small motion design firm here in Brazil and we were blown away from the simplicity, yet special way to represent a music!

I bought my Ipod Video today, and your podcast were one of the first to be updated on it! Im glad i made it :-)

Take care!
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G'day, I'm now a fan and well if you wouldn't mind I would love to chat with you on your process because I also plan on doing a weekly animated music video podcast later this year, although in a completely different style.

If you are having bandwidth issues I got plenty to spare, and would be happy to set you up an account on my website, just let me know.

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